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Background and Expertise

Konrad Helmut Rath

Martial Arts Instructor - Combat and Law Enforcement Expert

Founder and CEO: Rath Defence Concept and Chief Instructor

Former Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) - Director: Africa

Former KEAT Tactical Operations - Director: Training and contracts


Konrad Rath is the founder and chief instructor of Rath Defence Concept (Previously known as Tactical Fighting Systems). He was born on 28 January 1971 in Mainburg, Germany, and has studied Martial Arts for the past 30 years from the early age of 12 years. He also has many years of intensive training in Judo and full contact Karate. Through Kyokushin Budo Kai all Round Fighting, he progressed his training to FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) for many years and conducted training in various countries in South East Asia. In 1997 he started training in JKD through Paul Vunak, PFS (Progressive Fighting System) in California (U.S.A) and is currently the director for Africa representing PFS.


Since 1997, Rath has travelled the world to study with the best instructors, masters and extended his knowledge of Martial Arts. He has trained under the guidance of Combat Art majority masters, Dan Inosanto, Ka Abner, Paul Vunak and Jon Bluming. Konrad Rath trains police, security officers, bouncers and military personnel using his self developed close protection concepts designed to meet the specific and unique needs of security and law enforcement organizations. He has served the city of Munich in Germany as a safety specialist for the Public Subway Safety Unit for 16 years.


His services include the following:

  • Provides lead direction, training, and work review; organizes and assigns work, sets priorities, and follows up to ensure coordination and completion of assigned work.
  • Provides input into selection, evaluation, discipline, and other personnel matters.
  • Coordinates assessments of court and judicial branch security needs.
  • Develops security plans, crime prevention programs, evacuation plans, and other necessary emergency response measures for Metro or other grand facilities.
  • Coordinates arrangements for necessary security for special events, individual visits of head of States, and others as required.
  • Acts as liaison on security matters between local law enforcement and administrative agencies.
  • Coordinates personnel actions when required by the Human Resources Division or other branch Managers.

About us



About Us



Rath Defence Concept (RDC), was established in Germany,  Munich by Konrad Helmut Rath in 2003 and established its African headquarters in South Africa,  Johannesburg in 2013. The founding components of RDC are the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA),  Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and Military Combat Systems. RDC is a product of various martial art systems combined together in order to provide the complex flexibility needed with and without weapons to combat every dangerous situation both defensively and offensively.

Rath Defence Concept (RDC) vision is to deliver a realistic self-defense and attribute training for everyone. RDC is mainly focused in Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do. Our vision is to develop a well-rounded Martial Arts Practitioner and provide training for civilians, Law Enforcement, Police and Military Personnel to create a safer environment for all to thrive.

Our references are international government agencies around the world. Our techniques are taught by US NAVY SEAL TEAM 6,  DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), DELTA FORCE UNITS, US SWAT TEAMS/PHILIPPINE SWAT TEAMS, HONG KONG MARITIME SECURITY SERVICE, THAILAND ANTI TERROR FORCE and POLICE DEPARTMENTS all over the world.

Getting to know us better...


FMA refers to an ancient and newer fighting method, devised in the Philippines. The most popular systems are Arnis/Kali/Eskrima. FMA is a complete independent system, including weapons (sticks, bladed weapons) and empty hands. FMA practitioners are famous for their ability to turn ordinary household items into lethal weapons. Any item can be picked up and be used as a weapon using FMA techniques.



Jeet Kune Do is the hybrid combat style founded by famous martial artist Bruce Lee. It includes direct non- classical and straight forward movements. The four combat ranges are: KICKING, PUNCHING, TRAPPING and GRAPPLING with techniques flowing smoothly between them. The JKD fighter/practitioner is able to adapt to ever changing times and situations because JKD is formless.



Board of Directors

Solutions every step of the way...

 Training for Civilians, Law Enforcement, Police and Military Personnel to create a safer environment for all to thrive.






Sibongile Manganyi










Jacob Aabye

Director TFS Denmark / Skandinavia

Senior Instructor JKD / FMA — Combat Expert










Konrad Rath

Chief Executive Officer /

Chief Instructor








Dave Kozlowski

Fire Arms Instructor

SIRT Represent South Africa









Self Defense Specialist,

Krav Maga Expert,

Advisor for specialized

women self defense








John Riddle

Special Advisor/Consultant for Weapons and Tactics

Former SWAT Police Officer

Combat and Police Tactical Expert












Training and Development Concepts for Security Companies


The requirements of a self defense concept for Police and Law Enforcement Officials have changed greatly. The fact that any type of combat is accessible to the public, including criminals, a constant rethinking and improvement of the self defense programme is required. The training on weapons (stick, knife, palm stick), the disarmament of gun holders, tactical training and explosive infight techniques are widely taught in public Martial Arts schools. RDC's training programme further builds on these techniques by focusing on the aggressive opponent in close combat/police resistance. With these techniques, law enforcement officers will not only reduce the risk of harm to themselves, the opponent and law-abiding citizens in proximity, but will also increase the chances of successful arrests.


Our self defense training programme is very intense. As a result, we also include basic Martial Arts training concepts. However, this basic training will not be along the lines of the traditional system, but a regularly technical and methodological knowledge in theory and practice. Practical experience from the daily duty of law enforcement officers will also be implemented in the programme. Parts of the training will also take place at practical locations in order to merge the training techniques and the real world. In order to survive in a real world situation, training under stress is vital and is a major component in my self defense programme.

Training for Police, Military and Security Personnel


We teach locking and control techniques, with and without weapons. The officer/guard will be able to work with any item to control or to terminate. We also teach the special program RAT (Rapid Assault Techniques) that was taught to the legendary Navy Seal Team 6 to get any opponent out of commission in seconds.


  1. Control and Locking Techniques
  2. Weapon disarming
  3. Defense and Offense from different positions
  4. Defense inside and around a Police Vehicle
  5. Extendable Baton Striking and Control Techniques
  6. Working with Special Protection Suits
  7. Pepper Spray training


  1. Tactical Knife
  2. Tactical Machete
  3. Rapid Assault Tactics  R.A.T.
  4. Training with Special Protection Suits (Red Man)
  5. Weapons disarming


1. Instructor Retreat Camps

2. Open MA Practitioner


3. Special Camps with Masters

    from other systems...

Training for Instructor Certification


We offer training for people that want to teach our system under RDC guidelines and standards. The training is not just about the techniques. We also deliver on how to teach it to others. Instructors under RDC are given the opportunity to join our firearms training together with special force units in Thailand or the Philippines. Every RDC instructor will get a certification with a clear line from our house to the worlds best and famous Martial Artists.

Women Self Defense


The WSD program will teach you how to use typical kitchen or women utensils as a weapon in stand up and ground position. Women are taught how to defend themselves with and without weapons with techniques where physical strength makes no difference. We will build up techniques together with self-confidence to be prepared against violence physically and mentally.


Anti-Rape Techniques – Woman Self Defense


  • How to get familiar in using typical tools in a woman’s handbag
  • Stand up defense and defense on the ground, with and without weapons
  • Stress management in an attempted rape situation

Training for Civilians


This program includes training of self defense skills if a person is  a victim of a home invasion, car jacking or any dangerous life situation. We teach techniques out of the classic martial arts styles for ordinary civilians and not just fighting in a ring or on a mat. We will show you how to fight in a kitchen, when you are sitting in the TV room, when you are on a telephone and much more.


Anti-Home Invasion Techniques


  • House clearing techniques with a pistol
  • Using a knife for protection in an uncomfortable environment
  • How to turn household utensils into lethal weapons against an attacker
  • Empty hand self-defense techniques in unusual corners of the house
  • Managing stress in a home invasion situation


Anti-Hijack Techniques


  • Using a pistol inside and around the car
  • How to work with empty hand techniques inside and around the car
  • Managing stress in a car jacking / hijacking situation


Anti-Assault Techniques


  • Quick defense response against brawlers
  • Using military empty hand techniques against brutal thugs
  • How to defend against a knife/stick, or disarm a gunman on the street
  • Stress management in case of bullying
  • Using different tools as weapons in a street fight

Training for Handicapped People


This program is focused mainly on FMA techniques. We will use energy drills to train your attributes - through this you'll get a better body feeling. We teach blind people, people in wheelchairs or people with one arm to defend his/her life.

Intensive Personal Training Program (I.P.T.P)


The Intensive Personal Training Program is a program designed for individuals and instructors desiring to improve their holistic well being, mentally, physically and spiritually. The I.P.T Program uses distressing programs to equip trainees to better manage the urban stressful environment. This two day program is designed to cater for between one to a maximum of four people in a group to guarantee a maximum high level of quality.

Corporate Distress Training Program


RDC believes that to have an effective team in a company, the team has to be physically and mentally well. RDC offers a training regimen based on traditional martial arts curriculum that promotes physical fitness and discipline designed to holistically enhance one’s physical and mental well being. RDC uses martial arts to respond to the modern high stress level in a corporate environment. The corporate distress training program is offered to corporate groups and company executives.



Organizational Behavior in Law Enforcement

This course is designed to prepare companies, executives and students to become effective law enforcement administrators. The course examines the evolution of public safety organizations, modern leaders in law enforcement, and the impact that various forces have had on the evolution and development of behavioral organization within law enforcement. Issues like management and administration issues are analyzed in terms of organizational behavior. Additional focus is on law enforcement culture and behavior, and effective communication within subcultures that exist within law enforcement departments.


Conflict Resolution within Law Enforcement Environment

The art of managing law enforcement officers is a challenge for administrators. Issues that impact officer moral, such as efforts to decentralize a law enforcement department, changes within the community, and potential funding issues contribute to increasing stress and conflict within a law enforcement department. Today's law enforcement administrators need to be well trained in dealing with inter-office conflicts as they arise. This course will provide an overview as to how administrators can resolve conflicts within law enforcement departments.


Leadership and Motivation

This course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation about leaders, the leadership process and motivation. Topics include the theories of leadership and motivation, leadership power, leader behavior, leadership characteristics, the role of gender, substitutes for leadership, and dysfunctional leadership. Self-assessment of the student's own leadership and motivation skills, knowledge, and attitudes and addresses the questions: Who am I as a leader? What are my most distinguishing leadership traits? What leadership style am I most comfortable being around? How do I influence others? and How do I motivate others?


Organizational Change

This course will examine management techniques utilized when an organization decides it's time for a paradigm shift. Students will have the opportunity to explore principles and philosophies, which are a part of ushering in organizational change and transformation. Topics include downsizing, re-engineering, outsourcing and open book management.


Budget Development and Execution

This course provides an in-depth focus and analysis of the four phases of the budget cycle – formulation, review, execution and audit. It also explores the purposes of budget, including line-item budgeting, performance budgeting, zero-based budgeting and capital budgeting. Students must have access to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel software.


Human Resource Management

This course provides an overview of concepts, skills, theories and techniques involving human resource management and a review of examples involving innovative HR practices in the workplace. There will be an examination of human resource planning, development, and utilization in modern organizations. The establishment and operation of a total human resource program is explored. Topics include recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, reward systems, benefit programs and the role of the human resource department.


Employment and Labour Relations

This course will explore the historical evolution and the current state of employment relations theory. Workplace democracy, the source of workplace conflict, alienation, the evolution of class, collective bargaining, and other issues are discussed from a variety of perspectives. Students will become familiar with terminology and practices such as employee-employer relationships in non-unionized and unionized settings, problems and theories of union organizing, collective bargaining, and contract administration.


Strategic Planning

This course focuses on the study of principles to be used in formulating and executing the strategic plan of a business. This course focuses on the formulation and development of organizational strategy in particular for Public and Non-Profit Organizations. The integration of an organization's mission, stakeholder objectives, and strategy is emphasized. Particular attention is given to the development and implementation of strategy, evaluation of strategic alternatives and the relation of strategy to maintain a competitive advantage.


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